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Numerous companies and start-ups think of mobility as a service (MaaS) and want to make their innovative offerings available to everyone in the city on demand. Multimodal mobility offers help to cover individual mobility needs in a sustainable way. In this way, they create an alternative to owning a car and encourage people to switch to the environmental alliance. No matter whether ticket purchase, flexible route planning or seamless transfer: Digitalization is closely linked to many MaaS offerings. It simplifies the use of multimodal mobility offers as well as public transport.



Automated and connected driving

Automated and connected driving is often seen as "The Next Big Thing" and evolutionary next step in seamlessly following the electrification of transport. Autonomous driving is still being developed and tested. In Berlin and Brandenburg, important experience is already being gained around the use of automated and autonomous vehicles. Autonomous driving can and should help to reduce transportation costs and thus make sustainable mobility available to the largest possible group of people. Urban areas that are only poorly served by public transport should be better connected by autonomous local transport services. In commercial transport, transport chains can be optimized, e.g. in delivery logistics. At the same time, the use of autonomous vehicles helps to significantly improve road safety and the environmental friendliness of urban traffic.

Project example


    Malte Jacobsen

    Automated and connected driving / digitalization

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    eMO supports companies in the application and implementation of automated and autonomous mobility innovations in business-related application fields. In particular, the focus is on next-generation public transport, sustainable automated city logistics, and supra-regional Hub2Hub concepts in delivery logistics. eMO networks innovators and users, imparts knowledge and initiates practical application projects in the run-up to the market launch of autonomous driving through various projects. This ranges from support in the areas of registration and approval, vehicle development and operation, to acceptance research and social participation.



    Urban mobility is changing. Even without owning a car, people today can be more flexibly mobile than ever before. Berlin is the sharing capital of Europe and offers access to a wide range of vehicles and stops throughout the city. Cars, bicycles, kick scooters and scooters: In Berlin you can find the right means of transport for every occasion. At the Jelbi BVG mobility stations, you can quickly and seamlessly switch from public transport to sharing services. Pooling services that bundle the travel requests of several passengers and thus reduce the cost of individual trips, complement public transport.


    eMO is in close cooperation with mobility providers and promotes the dissemination and implementation of Mobility-as-a-Service solutions in the capital region. In doing so, we support providers of digital mobility solutions in developing and implementing innovative services in Berlin. In addition, we help neighborhoods find the mobility options that are best for them. Cooperations like "Your fleet" motivate residents of selected city districts to give up their own cars and make multimodal transportation with all its advantages a tangible experience. eMO also advises companies on the introduction of sharing solutions for their workforce as part of company mobility management.


    Kathrin Hoffmann

    Mobility as a Service / Mobility in city districts

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