In order to facilitate the national and international exchange of experience and knowledge, we are a member of various networks and associations. Memberships in EU networks enable not only an intensive professional exchange but also the development of new projects on a European level.


ERTICO - ITS Europe is a public private partnership consisting of 120 companies and organisations, including service and transport companies, vehicle manufacturers, public institutions and research institutes. The network promotes and develops a wide range of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems and Services) activities, including EU co-financed projects, innovation platforms, international cooperations, advocacy and events.




HyER, the European Association for Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Electric Mobility in European Regions (formerly HyRaMP), was founded in 2008 in cooperation with the European Commission. HyER supports the deployment and diffusion of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as well as electromobility in Europe. The aim is to make a positive contribution to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, environmental protection, economic growth and employment. HyER represents more than 35 regions and cities in Europe.



ITS Mobility

ITS Mobility is a widely ramified, active network that profitably combines business and science. More than 200 research institutions, industrial partners, small and medium-sized enterprises, associations, authorities and experts are members of our cluster. With our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we initiate new ideas and promote them in a targeted manner.



Mobility2Grid e.V.

The Mobility2Grid research campus is a broad-based public private partnership for innovations regarding the implementation of energy transition and electromobility in connected urban areas. A total of 36 institutions from industry and science have entered into a partnership "on an equal footing" and are making considerable contributions of their own. The core idea of the research campus is the integration of commercial and private electric road vehicles into decentralised energy networks.