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eMO is not only an agency of the State of Berlin, which is part of the business development agency Berlin Partner and significantly supported by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. It is also a network and relies on strong partners who are active in the field of smart mobility.

eMO Club Members


Discover urban mobility anew Revolutionize tomorrows urban mobility with us. Polluting and expansive cars must belong to the past. Our goal: Driving eco-friendly, comfortable and to a reasonable price. Citkar develops the first real alternative to cars.




ELO Mobility

We help to get a city an effective transport ecosystem. This means new prospects of city development and building of a new industry and private investment attraction. We create a better level of the life quality and urban aesthetics. This leads to a significantly cleaner environment in the city, high quality of passenger transportation and a new level of road users. We ensure a new individual eco-friendly transport system serving the convenience of passengers and adjusted to resources. All the components are being implemented to meet technological, economic, and financial requisites.



Fairsenden GmbH

The IT and logistics start-up Fairsenden combines environmental consciousness, fair working conditions and transparency as well as control for consignees during the delivery process. With e-cargo-bikes varying in volume, supported by electronic Vans, packages of all kinds are delivered by permanent employees to the customers' doorsteps, the delivery time chosen by the customers themselves. The Fairsenden GmbH aims not only to create a greener and more just mobility development, but also to increase the flexibility of deliveries in order to offer a premium service to customers as a default.




HIGH MOBILITY is a start-up from Berlin that specialises in the development of software for the connected vehicle. High Mobility's software platform enables vehicles to connect with their surroundings in a simple, secure and direct way. The core of the platform is sophisticated technology for a broad range of applications for the connected vehicle that does not require an Internet connection.



INFRAMobility GmbH

INFRAMobility GmbH is the German 50% shareholder of INFRAMobility-Dianba GmbH (INFRADianba), the business objective of this German-Chinese joint venture is to further develop and widely deploy battery swapping stations in Germany/Europe.

The main objective of INFRAMobility GmbH is the development of predominantly German components at the M2G interface such as an "e- fueling station of the future " with battery swapping as a core task, the development of transportable plug-in battery containers for the optimal use of surplus power from local wind farms as well as a dual-use battery solution integrated into the battery swapping stations for the regulation energy storage requirements of future smart grids.

Localiser RLI GmbH

The Localiser RLI GmbH is a spin-off of the Reiner Lemoine Institute. The company's goal is to support a fast, easy and cost-effective planning process for charging infrastructure. For this purpose, Localiser develops web-based software, reports and consulting packages. Localiser finds the optimal locations for charging points and takes different charging capacities into account. It is suitable for the planning and evaluation of public, semi-public and private charging infrastructure.



mobileeee GmbH & Co. KG

Mobileeee (together with its partners) realises holistic eco-efficient mobility solutions for companies and municipalities. Our core product is the cross-corporate mobility concept, mainly realized as an E-carsharing in industrial parks (B2B). Our portfolio extends to company-tailored fleet solutions, that include sustainable energy supply (solar & wind) and booking-/accounting-tools. Our business-model attracts through both – economics and sustainability – which we realize through combined solutions together with our partners. We are also proud to participate in the first regional carsharing-project (research study) in the Rhein-Main region.



MotionTag UG

MotionTag develops a platform for seamless pay-as-you-go ticketing. Traveling from A-to-B has never been easier, as the user only needs a smartphone in his pocket. No more missing change to buy a ticket or thinking about fare zones. Travel first, get charged automatically the best price afterward. We think the future of transportation lies in easy traveling, achieved by seamlessly combining different transport modes. This is why we developed our technology, allowing the user to experience this new way of intermodal traveling. We use machine learning to analyze smartphone sensor data in a battery efficient way. Through our algorithms, we reliably identify where, when and how users travel.




ONO is a European smart mobility solutions provider that aims to create and inspire much-needed change in urban logistics. ONO aims to make our communities more enjoyable by freeing up valuable city space, and offering businesses cleaner, more efficient, and more flexible ways of moving their goods. ONO has created a whole new category of vehicle: the ONO Pedal Assisted Transporter (PAT). Legally classified as an e-bike, the ONO PAT is a three-wheeled, pedalable vehicle equipped with two electric motors and a solid platform which can hold different-capacity cargo-units and exchangeable module-units. It’s an emission-free vehicle that combines the flexibility and advantages of a bicycle with the durability and cargo capacity of a van.
Based in Berlin, the company currently has 18 employees who share the founders’ goal of making our communities cleaner, quieter and more enjoyable.



Parkstrom GmbH

Electric driving is made easy by a company from Berlin: Since 2013, Parkstrom is developing solutions tailored specifically to client’s needs at favorable conditions. Our services range from simple charging systems for private use to intelligent charging infrastructures with load management for commercial or municipal use. The focus can be running company vehicle fleets just as much as managing parking space or customer retention through additional services such as E-Charging while they go shopping. Parkstrom utilizes its network of professional and well-established partners to realize its projects. As provider, Parkstrom supports or assumes responsibility for the operation of charging infrastructures and provides services such as maintenance, user group management or accounting. Clients are granted access to their charging points and to the public charging network per RFID charging card or QR codes. This makes electric driving possible – easy, everywhere and anytime.



Surve Mobility

For any shared mobility company, SURVE is their key operations partner that leads the way in terms of quality, technology and holistic sustainability - so they can focus on delivering the best possible mobility experience to their users.


Swobbee GmbH

Swobbee is establishing a mobile and sustainable energy network to actively shape the energy and mobility revolution. As a leading Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, Swobbee supports companies in the field of micromobility in implementing an efficient and sustainable energy infrastructure.
With its Battery Swapping System (BSS), Swobbee is Europe's first manufacturer-neutral battery sharing system. This enables the company and location partners to use numerous electromobility applications, such as e-cargobikes, electric scooters, e-kickscooters and gardening machines, without risk and at optimized cost-benefit.



unu GmbH

unu merges innovative technology with stylish aestetics and urban flair. It is the first electric scooter that offers a portable charger allowing owners the freedom to charge the battery when and whereever they want. The electric scooter first released in 2014 invites customers to become part of the sustainability revolution that will shape the future of urban life. unu was developed by the three young founding entrepreneurs Elias Atahi, Pascal Blum and Mathieur Caudal.



urban Energy GmbH

urban energy is an early-stage startup based in Berlin, Germany. Our solution, the ue DataHub, intelligently connects district energy consumers and producers. DataHub uses AI to optimize charging processes based on real time energy production including solar energy. It thereby reduces energy costs and emissions. urban energy is a B2B enterprise focused on providing solutions for public utilities and real estate companies. We are an investment of adesso SE, an IT company, and the Innovation Ventures GmbH of electrical engineering group PHOENIX CONTACT.



Virta (Virta International GmbH)

Virta's scalable smart grid solutions enable everyone to take part in the world's transition to sustainable energy. Our electric vehicle charging platform connects all key players in the EV ecosystem. The platform allows running EV charging services of any size anywhere in the world. We're the global innovation leader in the market with capabilities for V2G demand response and the most intelligent home charging service with market price optimization and station sharing. In addition we develop an energy storage platform to dynamically connect batteries of all sizes into the energy system.



Zeitmeilen AG

The unique ZEITMEILEN-app provides individual recommendations for a jam-free journey on the basis of personal preferences. Even planned road works and deviations are considered to calculate not only up-to-date traffic predictions, but also information for the following days.Business companies can benefit as well by saving times of their employees in terms of efficient use of vehicle fleet. Not to forget the ecological effect: avoided traffic jams reduce pollutions like CO2, fine dust and nitrogen oxide. Users that follow recommendations reach their destination faster and in addition earn bonus points that can be exchanged into ideal, virtual or monetary awards.