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Transport and Logistics

Mobileeee is a start-up that, together with its partners, offers holistic, eco-efficient mobility in the form of a (purely) electromobile fleet and solutions for companies and communities.

The brand name stands for "mobile eco-efficient experience", and expresses the three key attributes of our work: we deliver sustainable solutions for specific mobility needs, in which (positive) experiences are paramount. Our product is characterized by its easy-to-use nature. It is very reliable to use, extremely economical and environmentally friendly. And: mobileeee is fun – the positive experience you have when driving our electric cars is therefore directly linked to our name.

We started operations – after extensive test runs – in early 2016 in Frankfurt and Berlin. We will add more locations and expand our user concepts later this year. Another focus is also tourism concepts to promote sustainable tourism in Berlin through utilizing electromobility applications.


Michael Lindhof
mobileeee GmbH & Co. KG
Torgauer Straße 12-15
10829 Berlin

Primary Added Value

Transport and Logistics

Our main product is e-carsharing, comprised of various companies, in industrial parks (B2B), which was first introduced at airports for the numerous companies having operations there. Electromobility for fleet solutions offers both technically and economically strong advantages due to the predominant proportion of short trips as well as a low mileage total for distances traveled daily. We now also offer analog solutions for (employee) carpools organized by companies, for real estate agents (tenant carpools within the scope of "smart living" concepts) as well as for communities (spanning different user groups). Part of our core offer also includes a web-based booking platform with a billing system. Our strength lies in achievable and economical benefits for users as part of a viable and sustainable mobility solution based on community solutions.

Secondary Added Value

Charging Infrastructure

In addition to carpool solutions, we complement our range of offers by providing smart charging infrastructures and – if necessary – a self-sufficient energy supply from renewable sources. We use a network of partner companies and place great importance on each local installation and the service solutions. In particular, the visibility of solar carports is excellent for our brand name. We also round off our offer of permanently installed charging points with mobile charging solutions (for example e-wallb Box, nrg-kick and others) and thereby connect innovative solutions in a targeted manner.


  • mobileeee GmbH & Co. KG
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  • Primary Added Value: Transport and Logistics