eMO's aim is to develop Berlin into an internationally recognized model of smart mobility.

In light of global developments, such as urbanization, digitalization and resource scarcity, one of the key challenges for cities like Berlin is to ensure economic, ecological and socially sustainable mobility. eMO supports the necessary mobility changes not only by promoting innovative technologies, but also by encouraging the intelligent networking of low-emission mobility solutions.

The expanding city of Berlin, with its typical urban mobility challenges, is already a real-life laboratory with wide-ranging links to progressive and smart mobility pilot projects.

In order to steer new mobility technologies, products and services to market maturity, eMO combines the region's strengths. Berlin is a hotspot of mobility transformation and the location has crucial benefits for the implementation of "smart electromobility":

  • an excellent public transport network and low car ownership,
  • an affinity for new mobility concepts and multi-modality, along with a pronounced sharing culture,
  • a dynamic landscape of young, creative start-ups and a dynamic ecosystem of innovation acceleration,
  • a high proportion of scientific institutions and research-oriented engineering service providers,
  • "global players" in the city and a distinct SME environment in the technology sectors: ICT, automotive, rail technology, aerospace, electric and automation technology, as well as sensor technology,
  • established cross-sector and international collaboration among stakeholders in the Transport, Mobility and Logistics Cluster to enable "cross-innovation",
  • strategic collaboration with the State of Brandenburg, in the field of regenerative energies (Berlin as an energy drain), for example.



Action Plan for Electromobility 2020
(As of 2014)