Project Title

ElektroAES: The use of three electric waste disposal vehicles

Brief Description

This project addresses environmentally friendly electric drive concepts for waste disposal. It calls for the use of three garbage trucks with different electric dumpster-emptying systems mounted on triaxial hybrid chassis, tested in cities and their surrounding environs. The aim is to demonstrate the technical capability and cost-efficiency of the vehicles. The vehicle batteries will be charged at intelligent charging stations that feature a high proportion of wind power.

Focus Areas

  • Determining the technical parameters of three hybrid trucks with various types of electric-drive waste collecting systems
  • Production, adaption and modification of the electric waste-disposal vehicles
  • Testing of electric waste disposal systems in Berlin, Potsdam and the Oberhavel area
  • Analysis of the technical and economic usage data
  • Creation and operation of recharging stations that charge batteries primarily using wind power
  • Optimization of electric waste disposal through the development of a battery management system

Project Partners

  • AWU Abfallwirtschafts-Union Oberhavel GmbH
  • Stadtentsorgung Potsdam GmbH (STEP)
  • Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR)
  • Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionsanlagen und Konstruktionstechnik 

Associated Partners

  • Volvo Group Trucks Central Europe GmbH

Project Duration

01/2013 - 06/2016


Dr. Jörg Vogler
T +49-33970-996-10

Hüffermann Transportsysteme GmbH
Kampehler Str. 10
16845  Neustadt/Dosse


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