Living and smart mobility are a good combination: Gewobag is recognized as an "electromobility quarter”

09/26/2016 For Gewobag, shaping living and mobility in a sustainable way is no longer a dream that belongs to the future – it plays an active role in corporate culture. After the inauguration of the first rapid charging station, the company will provide additional charging stations to reinforce Berlin's electromobility infrastructure.

The Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO honors this commitment and has recognized Gewobag as an "electromobility quarter".

Berlin 09/23/2016: For its commitment in the field of electromobility, Gewobag was recognized today as an electromobility quarter. The Berlin company also provides the State of Berlin with support to develop a charging infrastructure. In order to make the subject of "electromobility" more visible to the public, and to allow it to be experienced in a playful way, eMO has been marking "electromobility quarters" with an over-sized green plug since early 2015.

"With more than 3,500 e-vehicles, 500 players and around 770 charging points, Berlin-Brandenburg offers an excellent application field where the subjects of "living" and "mobility" can be interlinked. Market growth as well as the continued development of electromobility are not solely dependent on federal laws or statutory purchase bonuses. Just as important is the expansion of the charging infrastructure, the elimination of obstacles, such as those relating to energy, construction and residential property law, and, last but not least, the implementation of sustainable mobility concepts in existing business processes," says Gernot Lobenberg, Director of the Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO, in regard to the development of the residential construction industry.

In April, a first fast-charging station, accessible to the public, was erected on Gewobag grounds at Lindenstrasse 112-115. The opening took place in the presence of Christian Gaebler, State Secretary for Transport and Environment, and the Gewobag Executive Board. Additional charging stations are also being erected on other grounds belonging to Gewobag.

In order to further support the expansion of electromobility in Berlin, Gewobag has entered into a strategic alliance with Allego and DriveNow. Allego GmbH is a subsidiary of the power grid operator Alliander. It develops and operates tailor-made charging solutions and charging infrastructure. As a carsharing provider, DriveNow provides a diverse and readily available vehicle fleet. In addition to its great tenant potential, Gewobag also provides the necessary space for the further development of electromobility. All tenants can register with DriveNow under favorable conditions and the offer is free of charge for Gewobag employees. The company's fleet already includes two BMW i3s, allowing Gewobag to set new standards for the housing industry.

Background about the "electromobility quarters":

"Electromobility quarters" are intended to serve as places of playful discovery to increase the visibility of electromobility. The focus is on the interplay between sustainable mobility and renewable energies. The sites marked so far are: the Smart Mobility Station at the future Südkreuz station, the DAI Laboratory at TU Berlin, the HTW University of Applied Sciences Berlin in Schöneweide, Ludwig Erhard Haus in Fasanenstrasse, and the Smart Grids visitor center (BIENe) at BTU Cottbus. Some sites already exist, others will be added and expanded.

About Gewobag:

With about 58,500 of its own flats and 1,500 commercial units in Berlin, Gewobag is one of the leading housing associations in Germany. Special services, including those for seniors, complete its offer. Gewobag's real estate portfolio represents the diversity of the city and offers a solid basis in the regional housing market. As a state-owned company, social neighborhood development, climate protection and economic efficiency are all equally important to Gewobag in the development of future-oriented concepts.