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Emissions-free package delivery for Berlin

06/12/2015 As part of the Berlin-Brandenburg International Showcase for Electromobility, Hermes is testing the first electrified parcel delivery vehicle. The goal of the DisLog project is to promote the development of electromobility in urban areas.

Today, the first electric-class Sprinter specifically designed for parcel service started at Hermes parcel service. This vehicle allows Hermes, as CEP industry project partner, to support the electromobility showcase with its sub-project "Resource-efficient distribution logistics for urban areas using electric drive delivery vehicles." In short: DisLog. The goal of the DisLog project is to promote the development of electromobility in urban areas. The use of new vehicle technology is as much one of the focus areas as the development of new collection and distribution concepts such as alternative deliveries to PaketShops or Paketboxes.

The vehicle Hermes uses was developed by eM-Pro Elektromobilität GmbH in cooperation with CTM Fahrzeugbau GmbH especially for Hermes' inner-city logistics requirements. This prototype is an electric Sprinter from the company German E-Cars whose 40 kWh lithium-ion battery allows it to achieve a range of approximately 120 km. The Sprinter is the largest electric commercial vehicle in the Hermes parcel service fleet. In addition to its high technical reliability, the Sprinter has a load capacity of approximately 700 kg and 15 cubic feet of cargo space.

Gernot Lobenberg, director of the Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO, which coordinates the Berlin showcase, pointed out the high value of electric delivery traffic: "While the electromobility debate continues to look at the number of registered private cars, the very positive developments in freight transport often go unnoticed." Lobenberg stressed that there is great potential here for reducing noise, CO2 and pollutant emissions to create a city worth living in. "That is why it is so important that companies like Hermes set a good example and try out new urban logistics concepts. We hope that many other retailers and service providers will follow suit."

Hermes CEO Frank Rausch is pleased with the launch in Berlin: "Hermes has a long tradition with testing alternative drives. For 25 years, the use of electromobility has been a central pillar in the sustainable orientation of our company. Our WE DO! program has already allowed us to effectively reduce our CO2 for each undelivered shipment by 43%. The showcase project is now systematically taking us further down this already successful path." Hermes is testing vendor-independent electric vehicles from a variety of manufacturers in Berlin and Hamburg. In London, Hermes has been using 100% electric means to deliver packages to its customers since 2014.