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Electric motors for bicycles – made in Berlin

07/15/2014 The Brose company has launched series production of pedelec drive systems in Berlin. A family-owned enterprise, it is a partner of the Berlin Agency for Electromobility and is also helping to raise Berlin’s profile as a model city for electromobility.

Brose, a family-owned company specializing in mechatronics, held a brief celebration at its Berlin location today to mark the start of series production of a drive system for pedelecs. Based on a steering motor for passenger cars, the company has developed a new mid-engine for e-bikes.

At nearly the same time, Brose also became a partner in the network of the Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO and is therefore supporting the development of sustainable mobility in Berlin in this way as well.

Permanent secretary Guido Beermann from the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research welcomed the launch of series production. "Today’s expansion of the company and the start of production show that the state of Berlin’s position in the future-oriented field of electromobility offers superb opportunities for additional growth and skilled jobs. I am especially pleased that a company from a sector that actually has little to do with electromobility is nevertheless establishing itself within the electromobility added-value chain.”

Thomas Meissner, deputy director of the eMO, emphasized the importance of the partnership with Brose for the eMO network. "We are pleased that Brose is committed to electromobility not only in its decision to produce a pedelec motor but also in its partnership with the eMO.” If electromobility is addressed by strong business partners in combination with research institutes and public authorities, he noted, then it can attract attention as an opportunity for economic development and job creation while at the same time improving the quality of life for the people in the region.

Christoph Bantle, vice president for the e-bike product division at the Brose Group, informed the guests about the development and special features of the drive system. Guests also had the chance to tour the Berlin plant and production facilities and take the e-bike on short test drives.

Brose is one of the top 40 automotive suppliers worldwide and currently the only manufacturer that offers a "made in Germany” drive system for e-bikes and pedelecs.

About the eMO
The Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO is the central point of contact for electromobility in the German capital region. eMO pools expertise from business, science, government and public administration. It links and coordinates the players, acquires new partners for regional, national and international projects, and promotes activities.