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100 projects, 770 charging points, 3,000 electric vehicles, 500 players: International Schaufenster on electromobility in Berlin-Brandenburg attracts investments and jobs

04/14/2016 Since 2013, more than 100 companies, scientific and political facilities have been working to enhance the development of electromobility in the Berlin-Brandenburg Showcase. Its commitment has created valuable incentives for jobs and added value in the region. In particular, the 30 key projects with a total volume of approx. €76 million have helped make the capital region the largest practice lab in Germany today. The results from the last four years of the Showcase will be presented to the public today at the "Results conference Showcase for Electromobility" in Leipzig.

Berlin April 14, 2016: Around 500 players from all areas along the supply chain are already committed to advancing electromobility in the region. Numerous companies in the field of "Smart Mobility" in Berlin and Brandenburg have made investments, not least because of the topic and effects of the Showcase projects. This is due to the fact that Berlin not only has an innovative environment for start-ups and established companies, but also excellent opportunities for getting exposure and testing out pilot projects for sustainable mobility concepts in conjunction with the "energy state" of Brandenburg. In 2015, the relocations and expansion projects managed by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology comprised investments totaling 15.3 million euros and created 319 new jobs in the field of "electromobility". That is around five percent of all newly created jobs that were supported by Berlin Partner in 2015.

In Berlin-Brandenburg currently around 3,000 electric vehicles are on the road, of which most are part of a car-sharing system.  The capital region takes a leading position in Germany with around 770 charging points and also thanks to the large amount of Schaufenster projects. Private charging infrastructure not available to the public is not included here. In Berlin alone 636 charging points are not included in the tally. Based on the population, Berlin thus operates the densest network compared to more than 900 cities and towns in Germany. These charging stations are powered exclusively by green energy.

The results and experiences from the Berlin-Brandenburg International Showcase show that connecting business, science and administration is the right way to open up potential for new jobs. The majority of new and (still) small businesses in the field of "intelligent mobility" face the challenge of securing their financing in the long term as well as continuously developing their business models in conjunction with disruptive technologies. Gernot Lobenberg, Director of the Berlin Agency for Electromobility (eMO), emphasizes that "Berlin offers excellent opportunities as a digital test field to expand the topic of electromobility within the overarching 'Smart City Concept', to continue through additional actors and new projects and to compete internationally. This is because mobility of the future is digital, automated, electrical and networked, meaning it's about the interplay of all modes of transport. Berlin benefits threefold: through better quality of life, a better environment and more jobs."

On April 14 and 15, 2016, the results conference on the Berlin-Brandenburg International Showcase for Electromobility will take place at the Leipzig Trade Fair. Spanning the course of two conference days, the project results and achievements from four years of the Schaufenster program will be presented in parallel sessions and discussed with regard to the future of electromobility in Germany.
Visit us at the joint stand representing the Schaufenster's four regions in Halle 1. Find out about our projects and how the results contribute to developing electromobility in Berlin-Brandenburg.