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The beginning of scooter sharing in Berlin

01/28/2015 Along with the first rays of sunshine in mid-March, the range of mobility services in Berlin will receive an attractive alternative: Berlin-based start-up eMio Share-a-Scooter will begin the test phase of the first all-electric scooter sharing in Germany.

The range of mobility services in Berlin is to have an attractive alternative: Berlin-based start-up eMio Share-a-Scooter will begin the test phase of the first all-electric scooter sharing program in Germany. This will be followed by regular operation with 200 electric scooters which may be driven with a "normal" car driver's license within the 88 km² Berlin S-Bahn ring. The principle behind this station-independent short-term rental is already used in car sharing: once registered, the scooters can be rented via the eMio app and dropped off anywhere within the network. 

Sharing concepts are quickly catching on, especially in Berlin. They provide users with simple, flexible mobility – without onerous purchase, maintenance or insurance costs. eMio is taking this trend one step further and is making urban mobility even more practical, since electric scooters will allow customers to save time in city traffic and, notably, will not need to look for a place to park. Electric scooters make the journey the reward; they're simply so fun to ride. The speedsters are quiet and environmentally friendly, and can go up to 45 km/h on the road. "Scooters are ideal for exploring and experiencing Berlin," said Hauke Feldvoss, one of the three founders of eMio. "It's just so practical to be able to stop anywhere and not have to spend a lot of time looking for a place to park."
The city also benefits from this novel concept. Gernot Lobenberg, director of the Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO, is enthusiastic: "Berlin is already the capital of car sharing. eMio's electric scooter sharing programme provides yet another sustainable solution. And the idea is very clever: the scooters take finding a parking space out of the equation."

The three founders' idea is truly in the spirit of the times. The issue of future mobility is something all the world's major cities are facing as problems such as traffic congestion and emissions increase. In Berlin, the Innovation Center for Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ) is spearheading this area of research. "Electric scooter sharing is an exciting expansion for the mobility offering in Berlin. InnoZ is interested in the effects on the mobility behavior of the people of Berlin and is supporting eMio with secondary scientific research." said Prof. Dr. Andreas Knie, managing director of InnoZ.

For everyone who, just like the young eMio team, is looking forward to the launch in March, registration for the test phase has already started at www.eMio-Sharing.de . The number of participants in the test phase will initially be limited.