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eMO goes to the 1st World LEV Summit: Berlin's innovative power at the first World Light Electric Vehicle Summit in Barcelona

09/26/2016 From September 20-21, 2016, light electric vehicles were in the spotlight in the Catalan metropolis. More than 150 experts, mainly from Europe and the US, discussed the latest developments and market trends. Their innovations and prototypes were also presented as part of an accompanying exhibition.

Through its local players, including Local Motors, coModule and Team Red, Berlin presented itself as an international hub for innovation. The Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO participated in the first World Light Electric Vehicle Summit with a lecture on the topic "Market development strategies in Berlin: How can innovation policy lead to new urban transport solutions with LEVs?"

Expert presentations on new vehicle concepts for passenger transport and logistics services took center stage at the first WLEV Summit. The challenge will now be to successfully place light electric vehicles (LEV) on the end customer market as well. So far only the pedelec has succeeded while sales of larger two and three-wheeled vehicles have lagged behind. The participation of renowned companies and research institutions from all over the world at this event were a testament to the high level of interest in the subject. Only OEMs are traditionally cautious when it comes to LEVs; with the exception of a single Japanese manufacturer, the exhibition space didn't include any other major car manufacturers.

The first LEV Summit successfully covered a gap in the international calendar of events in which electric vehicles below the Smart class have so far received little attention. However, when it comes to the key phrase "smart city", the expert world is in agreement above all else: LEVs will definitely be a mode of transport in the urban cityscape of the future and will bring the vehicle market to a new level in the medium to long term.