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Berlin start-up company eMio gains investors and electrifies Berlin with 150 electric scooters

06/29/2015 The Berlin-based start-up company for station-independent electric scooter sharing, eMio, has received support from VC Fonds Technologie Berlin, which is managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, as well as two private investors from Hamburg and Berlin.

The eMio team has been working on the idea of offering an electric scooter sharing solution since late summer of last year. Using modules as a founding principle has made it possible to prepare its market entry in just a few months. "We will now be able to continue at this rapid pace, since the financing round will allow us to roll out regular service with 150 electric scooters. In the coming weeks, we will focus on Berlin. Then we will expand to other cities in Germany and southern Europe," explained co-founder and CEO Alexander Meiritz. Stephan Schulze from IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft added: "eMio's idea fills the rapidly growing gap between car and bicycle sharing. The company relies on the expansion of a sustainable, emissions-free means of transport, which will prepare Berlin for the mobility of the future."

After a successful test run, the first batch of 20 electric scooters has arrived in Berlin and is being prepared on the EUREF campus for the launch of the sharing operation. The regular service offer will increase gradually: The next scooters are scheduled to be delivered as early as next week. This season's fleet of 150 electric scooters will be complete by the end of July.

eMio is Germany's first supplier of electric scooters for scooter sharing. Its billing method is also pioneering: After the ride, the amount billed is either 19 cents per minute or 59 cents per kilometer – whichever is cheaper for that particular ride. That way the customer can ride stress-free and estimate the cost before the ride – no matter what the road conditions are. It is necessary to present an identity card and driver's license in order to register – a category B (3) driver's license is sufficient. Activation is possible either by the traditional means of verification on-site or quite simply by video-telephony – thereby making it unnecessary to come into the branch.

The start-up has built up a network of competent partners. It has been funded by Climate-KIC Accelerator for the past seven months. The vehicles will be purchased from electric scooter manufacturer emco. In addition, the new Cloudboxx (telematics unit) by Invers is used.

For more information on rates and to register, please visit www.eMio.de