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Berlin by e-bus: Introducing Berlin's first e-sightseeingbus

07/07/2016 Berlin's first electric-powered sightseeing bus sports a sign that reads, "I drive on electricity." It was introduced to the public today during a 30-minute media tour attended by the Senator for Commerce, Cornelia Yzer.

"I'm powered with electricity": Senator for Commerce, Cornelia Yzer, introduces Berlin's first e-sightseeingbus

Lower CO2 emissions, less noise. Berlin has its first electric tourist bus. In a 30-minute test drive from the Berliner Dom, across the Museumsinsel and on to the Central Station, Senator for Commerce, Cornelia Yzer, inaugurated the new vehicle, which was retrofitted with 200,000 euros funded by the city tax.

Senator for Economics, Cornelia Yzer: "The e-Sightseeingbus demonstrates how to use modern, innovative technology to sustainably improve tourism in our city. The bus is not only climate friendly, it's also very quiet. We invested 200,000 euros from the city's tax in smart solutions, which also includes electromobility. I hope the project will set a precedent."

The former diesel-powered bus is owned by Berlin City Tour (BCT) GmbH. The company, founded in 1994 and based in Berlin-Tempelhof, converted the bus to an electric drive system. It is the first electric-powered tour bus in Berlin. Additional buses are slated to follow in the wake of this pilot project. BCT plans to convert more buses to electric drive.

BCT GmbH CEOs, Fritz Laabs and Dirk Poguntke: "This solar powered bus is the first step toward a healthier future that will free our cities and travel from fossil fuels. I thank the Senate Department of Commerce for helping make this project a success."

The bus is now available for tourists. The e-sightseeing bus is identified by a sign that reads: "I'm powered with electricity".

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