Strategy of the Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO

In 2010, the Berlin Senate established eMO as the central contact and coordination point for electromobility in the capital region. We support the State of Berlin, the districts and state companies in the development, use and implementation of specific funding instruments at regional, national and European level in order to implement innovative projects and pilots of "smart mobility" in the capital region.

State Agency for Smart Mobility

We are an agency of the State of Berlin that operates under the aegis of Berlin Partner for Business and Technology. Our main funding comes from the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. Our partners are the State of Brandenburg and companies and institutions from business and science. The Berlin Senate Departments for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises as well as for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection, the Senate Chancellery and the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of the State of Brandenburg plus about 70 partners from business and science form an active network to support the goals of eMO.

Mobility Transition in Berlin: eMO‘s Goals

The growth and densification of cities are global trends that are not only associated with technological and economic challenges, but also with ecological and social problems. The State of Berlin is responding to these problems e.g. with the "Berlin Mobility Act" or the "Berlin Energy and Climate Protection Programme 2030". The "Joint Innovation Strategy of the States of Berlin and Brandenburg" defines the cooperation between the two states in the field of innovation policy in order to support the objectives in areas such as transport and energy.

From the perspective of economic development and project and innovation management, eMO supports mobility transition in the capital region and helps to implement best practice solutions on a sustainable basis. We pursue the approach of connected, automated, shared, as far as possible electrified as well as socially, economically and ecologically sustainable mobility. The opportunities offered by technological, social, efficient and ecological innovations are exploited. Mobility is becoming safer, cleaner and more sustainable and improves people's quality of life in the capital region.

Network Agency and Multi-Stakeholder Approach

The Berlin Senate and the districts as well as companies and research institutions in the capital region are already taking up current trends in mobility transition in many projects and activities. The bundling and coordination of actors, topics, projects and competencies in business, science, politics and administration are among our central activities. As a network agency, we connect the drivers of mobility transition with those affected by the challenges of urban mobility. In a dialogue, tailor-made solutions are identified and tested.

Gernot Lobenberg

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