Development and integration of smart vehicles into the urban transport system

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The digitalization of vehicles enables new dimensions of efficiency, safety and utilization. This includes both passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles. Due to the many driver assistance systems available today, semi-automated driving is already a reality. The trend toward autonomous driving will intensify with the increased digitalization in vehicles. Innovative software, new vehicle concepts, as well as consumers' changing behavior towards mobility and usage are the main drivers of these developments. In the future, vehicles will automatically communicate with the transport infrastructure (Vehicle2x) and integrate themselves into the complex traffic system. The automation and electrification of vehicles therefore complement each other perfectly.


Key topics in 2017

  • Initiative for light electric vehicles from Berlin (development, production, marketing)
  • Development and production of electric commercial vehicles and buses as well as their components
  • Automation of (electric) vehicles
  • Development of software for individually controlling functions in electric vehicles (automated driving/driver assistance systems)


Other focal points until 2020

  • Development, demonstration and implementation of new services and accessories for electric commercial vehicles
  • Integration of electric commercial vehicles in the combined sector processes


Ongoing projects in Berlin-Brandenburg (selection)


Completed projects

Martin Sölle

Project Manager Automotive Systems
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Frank Panse

Project Manager Automotive Systems
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