Urban Mobility

Smart mobility services and urban test fields

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Need-based technical transport solutions and mobility concepts must be researched, developed and tested for the growing metropolis of Berlin. The effective interplay of the various means of transport is just as important for a smart city as efficient and sustainable supply and disposal mechanisms. The challenge lies in the efficient interlinking of collective and individual mobility.

New concepts and business models help reduce traffic congestion and optimize routes in the smart city of Berlin. App-based mobility services combine the strengths of different modes of transport. Smart mobility offers are being tested in digital test fields for city traffic and integrated in future transport concepts. 

Key topics in 2017

  • Demonstrators and test fields for smart mobility: digitalization, automation and electrification of urban transport services in connection with smart infrastructure
  • Mobility services and data: smart city-oriented mobility services, operating concepts and digital business models


Other focal points until 2020

  • Automated and collective transport concepts for growing cities
  • Intermodal hubs and smart mobility stations
  • City-compatible utilization concepts for transporting people and sustainable logistics concepts
  • Smart mobility technologies for sustainable tourism


Ongoing projects in Berlin-Brandenburg (selection)

Completed projects

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