The objective of Germany’s capital region is to turn Berlin-Brandenburg into an internationally recognized model for all matters electromobility.

Given the global development of urban sprawl, digitization and resource scarcity, a key challenge for cities like Berlin is ensuring economic and sustainable mobility for residents and visitors. These changes require not only sustainable and innovative technologies but also the intelligent integration of low-emission mobility solutions. Electromobility is an integral part of a Smart City and must be integrated into forward-looking Smart City concepts.

Berlin possesses key advantages for implementing "smart electromobility":

  • Excellent public transport system and a low level of car ownership among the population,
  • Dynamic environment of young and creative (ICT) companies (startups),
  • Strategic collaboration with the state of Brandenburg, for example, in the field of renewable energies (Berlin as an energy sink),
  • Established inter-sectoral and international cooperation among participants in the Transport, Mobility and Logistics Cluster, as well as the Berlin-Brandenburg International Showcase for Electromobility for strengthening "Cross innovations",
  • High concentration of scientific facilities and research-intensive engineering service providers,
  • Berlin as the "capital of intermodality" among operators and industry,
  • On-site "Global Player" from the sectors of technology, automotive, rail technology, aerospace, electronics and automation technology.

The claim of the region lies in the fact that Berlin has succeeded in networking the key issues revolving around smart electromobility, namely automotive, transport and energy systems and setting standards internationally with tangible results in an exemplary way. To this end, integrated innovative technologies at system interfaces are a vital tool for supporting industrial added value at the business location of Berlin.


Action Plan for Electromobility 2020
(As of 2014)

Focal Areas of Smart eMobility