Smart Mobility

The growth and compaction of cities are global trends that not only pose technological and economic challenges but are also associated with ecological and social issues.

Progressive urbanization makes a significant contribution to increased traffic emissions and is driving climate change. The transport sector plays a key role in ensuring that life in expanding and changing cities remains tolerable. The pressure on existing public mobility services is increasing and traffic flows are changing.

New mobility technologies and concepts are swamping the market; private and public transport are converging. The future of mobility lies in the intelligent combination of different modes of transport and in the digitalization of transport. Information and communication technologies are creating smooth, user-oriented transitions between private and public transport.

Many projects, firms and research facilities in the capital region are already identifying current trends in mobility transformation. New technologies and the sustainable use of natural resources when transporting people and goods play an important part in reducing health risks due to traffic-related pollution and noise.

eMO identifies current trends in mobility transformation in order to bundle and accelerate the skills and activities of stakeholders in the capital region. In order to promote the topic of smart mobility in the capital region, eMO performs the following tasks:

  • initiates pilot projects at a regional, national and international level,
  • positions the region as a leading market and leading provider of intelligent mobility solutions,
  • bundles and structures the issues,
  • networks existing and new stakeholders,
  • increases the visibility of projects, products and firms,
  • promotes and integrates a vigorous start-up culture,
  • provides information about market trends and developments,
  • increases the transparency of activities in the region.

eMO therefore supports the development and testing of efficient, low-emission and resource-saving mobility and transport solutions, which combine new concepts and alternative drive forms, while optimally complementing existing services.

It drives the topic of smart mobility, together with the Transport, Mobility and Logistics Cluster (TML) and the Transport, Mobility and Logistics Sector of Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH. eMO therefore makes a significant contribution to the implementation of the State of Berlin's Smart City Strategy.

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