Mobility and Energy Transition

Electromobile storage units in smart energy grid

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Electric vehicle traction batteries – whether cars, trucks or buses – can make a significant contribution to the implementation of the energy transition. Using them to temporarily store electricity from renewable energy sources has tremendous potential: during the charging or service time, the electricity from solar or wind power plants can be cached and fed back into the electricity grid when it is needed. Intelligently controlling the charging process in the vehicle can also prevent so-called load peaks and valleys that can reduce the costs related to the build-up and extension of the electricity grid.

These positive effects of electromobility should be tested in a variety of projects in order to drive the success of the energy transition. It is necessary to research the technical interplay of the various components, such as photovoltaic systems, vehicle batteries and the charging infrastructure. Economic aspects must also be considered and business models developed, which will benefit the owners of electric vehicles as well as the operators of electricity grids and renewable electricity power plants.


Key topics in 2017

  • Developing smart-grid and storage concepts as well as testing them in a variety of scenarios
  • Developing and testing bidirectional and inductive charging concepts
  • Researching and developing energy storage systems and technologies
  • Actively participating in the WindNODE consortium as part of the "Smart Energy Showcase" request for proposals from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
  • Testing load management in e-carsharing to develop business models


Other focal points until 2020

  • Generating, storing and supplying hydrogen from renewable sources
  • Combining sectors – combining transport and energy systems to integrate traction batteries (mobile & stationary) in view of the dynamic growth of volatile, renewable energies


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Completed projects

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