eMO is both an agency and a network. Its success ultimately depends on high-performing partners who are strategically committed to electromobility and who intend to seize the opportunities that this field can offer.  Working with eMO is not a one-way street: The relevant players from the political sphere, academia, and business must all pull together if the final goal – bringing electromobility onto the streets – is to be achieved.  Many Berlin-based companies in the transport, energy, IT, communications, and service industries have already underlined their commitment to electromobility by partnering with eMO.  Some of them have become "Premium Partners,” entitling them to sit on eMO’s Steering Committee.  Young entrepreneurs, start-ups, and companies just in the process of being established have many opportunities for networking and launching cooperative projects in the "eMO Club.”

eMO has also linked up with numerous additional networks at the regional, national, and international levels, thereby supporting an ever broader interface between electromobility and other, related industries.

Join the eMO network, and help shape the future course of electromobility in the German capital region!

Club Members

CleverShuttle (GHT Mobility GmbH)

CleverShuttle offers low-cost, green and innovative door-to-door-mobility. The unique difference: our IT system matches people who are travelling on similar routes in one vehicle - in real time. Thanks to the efficient sharing we can offer prices significantly below other competitors. Our customers experience is further enhanced by electric vehicles and the option to meet nice people. Our environment benefits from traffic reduction and less emissions.
CleverShuttle holds all licenses to offer this new mode of transport and is active in Munich since the beginning of the year. Leipzig and Berlin follow soon.





coModule brings automotive grade connectivity technology to e-bikes. coModule is more than just a mobile app, it is an operating system, which includes online data analytics platform, smartphone/smartwatch application and a central control unit, which is integrated into the vehicle during manufacturing process. The whitelabel ecosystem enables manufacturers to install connected vehicle technologies to accelerate product development, to improve customer loyalty and to provide new driving experience.




emmy (Electric Mobility Concepts GmbH)

emmy establishes electric scooters in Berlin by offering them in a free floating and short-term rental system. The user will be able to enjoy individual mobility without the quest for parking space and without CO2 or noise emissions.
The system works by localizing and unlocking the scooter through a smartphone application. The scooter is equipped with two helmets in different sizes and prices are considerably below our competitors in carsharing.
Thereby emmy offers an attractive alternative for Berliners and visitors by filling a gap in the mobility sector.




e-motion Technologies

With its dedicated focus on e-Bikes, Pedelecs and Speed Pedelecs, the e-motion Technologies group is the largest merge of independent retailers in Germany. The first shop opening in 2009 laid the foundations for what it today with over 20 e-motion shops all over Germany the number one expert for e-Bike fans and buyers. The group benefits from a pool of commited employees, living the e-Bike experience themselves.




eM-Pro Elektromobilität GmbH

The eM-Pro electromobility limited (empro) was founded in 2011 by a Berlin-based technology and innovation consultant and a software entrepreneur in Berlin. The construction and use of small electric duty vehicles for city logistics was identified as an interesting and realizable future market which finally led to the establishment of the empro limited. The key competences of empro are the development, construction, manufacturing, sales, service and the rental of adapted and scalable electric duty vehicles for city logistic operations. Additional services like consulting in the field of logistics and electric duty vehicles will be developed and offered.




Free2Move (GHM Mobile Development GmbH)

Free2Move allows people to find and compare vehicles from a wide variety of carsharing providers in one app. Users can see cars from major carsharing providers in their area, find the closest one, compare offers and book the best fit. Our mission is to provide people with easy access to a variety of vehicles and enable them to book directly from our app. The Free2Move App is available for Android, iOS and Windows devices.





HIGH . MOBILITY is a start-up from Berlin that specialises in the development of software for the connected vehicle. High Mobility's software platform enables vehicles to connect with their surroundings in a simple, secure and direct way. The core of the platform is sophisticated technology for a broad range of applications for the connected vehicle that does not require an Internet connection.




inno2grid GmbH

Inno2grid offers solutions ranging from decentralized intelligent energy infrastructure to sustainable and networked intermodal mobility solutions individually tailored to the customers’ needs. Inno2grid offers consulting, planning and operations and focuses on business and educational campuses, residential neighborhoods, health centers and transport hubs.

Inno2grid, established at the EUREF-Campus, is the result of collaboration in research projects for the development of the Micro Smart Grid. The integrated energy and mobility concept for the EUREF-Campus is a blueprint for sustainable urban development, which already shows the potentials of networked renewable energy generation in combination with (electro) mobility.



kickTrike GmbH

The kickTrike® is the new environmentally friendly form of transportation.
Whether on the street, in the green zone or in the car-free area: the kickTrike® is the flexible electric mobility solution for 1-2 people. The three-wheel kickTrike folds quickly compact and fits in any car boot. Between the front wheels of kickTrike®, there is a loading surface on which a plurality of loads can be transported (up to 50kg).
When folded the kickTrike® can easily be pulled over obstacles and transported on the escalator. The energy is provided by the patented and easily interchangeable GreenPack® replaceable battery. One battery charge is sufficient 50km.




mobileeee GmbH & Co. KG

Mobileeee (together with its partners) realises holistic eco-efficient mobility solutions for companies and municipalities. Our core product is the cross-corporate mobility concept, mainly realized as an E-carsharing in industrial parks (B2B). Our portfolio extends to company-tailored fleet solutions, that include sustainable energy supply (solar & wind) and booking-/accounting-tools. Our business-model attracts through both – economics and sustainability – which we realize through combined solutions together with our partners. We are also proud to participate in the first regional carsharing-project (research study) in the Rhein-Main region.





Muvon started as an innovative and dynamic start-up in 2015 within E.ON’s accelerator program, :agile. Motivated by the question why electric vehicles haven’t been established in the market yet, we developed a modular, all-round, carefree package for electric vehicles. The package can be customized according to individual needs. Muvon offers everything around the electric vehicle starting from a free consultation to the building-blocks charging infrastructure, electricity supply, and photovoltaic system. The package including the vehicle itself is offered for a transparent price.




ParkHere GmbH

The first self-powered sensor for Smart Parking. ParkHere is a self-powered parking sensor system which detects free parking spaces in front of EV-charging stations and makes the information available to EV-car drivers. The unique self-powered technology needs neither cables nor batteries, i.e. it generates its own power by energy harvesting.


Parkstrom GmbH

Electric driving is made easy by a company from Berlin: Since 2013, Parkstrom is developing solutions tailored specifically to client’s needs at favorable conditions. Our services range from simple charging systems for private use to intelligent charging infrastructures with load management for commercial or municipal use. The focus can be running company vehicle fleets just as much as managing parking space or customer retention through additional services such as E-Charging while they go shopping. Parkstrom utilizes its network of professional and well-established partners to realize its projects. As provider, Parkstrom supports or assumes responsibility for the operation of charging infrastructures and provides services such as maintenance, user group management or accounting. Clients are granted access to their charging points and to the public charging network per RFID charging card or QR codes. This makes electric driving possible – easy, everywhere and anytime.




PlugSurfing GmbH

PlugSurfing is a young international team that is devoted to drive e-mobility forward and lead electric vehicles to mass adoption. EV drives can easily find charging points with the PlugSurfing app and through our community connect with other EV drivers. In summer 2014 we’ve introduced a payment function within the app which empowers EV drivers to charge and pay at a majority of charging points in Germany with more European countries to follow by the end of 2014. The app together with the PlugSurfing key hanger replaces the 100 contracts and RFID cards of different operators.




Reiner Lemoine Institute

Reiner Lemoine Institute is an independent non-profit research institution that contributes to a transformation towards a sustainable energy supply based on 100 % renewable energy. Our three research fields are "Transformation of Energy Systems”, "Mobility with Renewable Energy”,  and "Off-Grid Systems”. We provide applied research and pursue the goal of scientifically supporting the long-term transition of the energy supply towards renewable energy.






SCROOSER GmbH & Co.KG, was founded with the aim of creating a new form of urban mobility.  It is a new definition of vehicle, a new definition of cool. The street scene in the metropolises and cities of the world are now being revolutionized. First-class design and pure driving pleasure, the SCROOSER is a lifestyle vehicle designed for a high caliber life. Its design features the extra-wide tires, which gives the SCROOSER the unique driving feeling of floating on air. The innovative impulse drive scooter provides a completely new feeling of driving and should appeal to the demanding and environmentally conscious individuals, who do not rely on classical means of movement.




Virta (Virta International GmbH)

Virta's scalable smart grid solutions enable everyone to take part in the world's transition to sustainable energy. Our electric vehicle charging platform connects all key players in the EV ecosystem. The platform allows running EV charging services of any size anywhere in the world. We're the global innovation leader in the market with capabilities for V2G demand response and the most intelligent home charging service with market price optimization and station sharing. In addition we develop an energy storage platform to dynamically connect batteries of all sizes into the energy system.