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02/08/2017 | News International

Private car sharing on Mierendorffinsel

On Mierendorffinsel in Charlottenburg, the Berlin start-up Getaway is going live with its car sharing model for neighborhood car use. The offer is aimed at car owners who rent their cars out for money as well as people who have a driver's license who can rent these private cars for a rental fee.


The Sustainable Mobility Management MBA, now offered at the EUREF campus by TU Berlin, provides an integrative design across disciplines as energy, sustainability and mobility. Graduates will be able to plan and manage complex projects in the transport and mobility fields.

02/07/2017 | News International

eMO partner Vattenfall electrifies its fleet

After BVG, the next eMO partner has decided to electrify its company fleet. The energy provider Vattenfall wants to acquire 3,500 e-vehicles in the next five years, thereby contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions in Europe. A total of 750 are planned for the Berlin location alone.

With Car-2-Lab, its third project in the Berlin Electromobility Showcase, BGZ has initiated a strategic partnership that uses vehicle telematics to exemplify how digitalization can be introduced in vocational training in the motor vehicle sector.

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01/27/2017 | News International

Chancellor Merkel at eMO partner Door2Door

Angela Merkel visited Door2Door: "I am delighted that this development is happening as I age, as it is of particular interest for older people.

01/27/2017 | News International

WindNODE project kicks off

More than 50 partners in the WindNODE joint project have officially begun their four-year work on the north-eastern German model region for smart energy with a big kick-off event. The project has a scope of nearly 70 million euros.

01/27/2017 | News International

City buys e-vehicles

Potsdam is serious about changing its fleet. All the vehicles in the capital city of Brandenburg will be electric within only three years.

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01/19/2017 | News Press Release International

Connected and autonomous vehicles in Berlin

The international planning and consulting firm BuroHappold Engineering brought together 40 experts from a wide variety of companies to the EUREF Campus in Berlin on January 18, 2017, under the title "Design Sprint". The focus was on self-driving cars and urban spaces.

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01/05/2017 | News International

Autonomous driving: "Olli" drives itself

A self-driving bus is en route for the first time at the Schöneberg gas works on the Euref campus in Berlin. The test run by Olli, an electric bus from the American start-up and eMO partner Local Motors, started there on the private property. According to Gernot Lobenberg, it is currently the most...


This idea is this: a kind of carpool for taxis, which uses a mobile app to transport Berliners from A to B, picking up other passengers with similar destinations along the way. Taking part are: eMO partner Door2Door with Allygator and eMO club member CleverShuttle with its electric fleet.

01/03/2017 | News International

Plugsurfing: the PayPal of E-mobility

Plugsurfing is aiming for the stars: the two founders, Adam Woolway and Jacob van Zonneveld, want to turn their company into the PayPal of electric mobility, and are already well on the way to achieving this goal.

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12/16/2016 | News Press Release

Berlin promotes Olli in the test run

The Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises is currently promoting the first European autonomous bus, "Olli", as part of the pilot project "First Mover". The bus was built by the Berlin-based company Local Motors.

The Federal States of Thuringia (1st place), Berlin and Rhineland-Palatinate (joint 2nd) are the pioneers when it comes to sustainable mobility. This is the conclusion of a scientific comparison of the German states carried out by the quality research institute Quotas.

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12/14/2016 | News

From naught to hundred

What is yellow, quiet and always on the go with a snappy slogan? Exactly: the new BVG company cars. BVG announced in the fall of 2015 that it would replace 30 vehicles in its car fleet with environmentally friendly electric cars. There are now 100 yellow electric vehicles in use.

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12/14/2016 | News

A bus without a driver

Controlled by a computer, Olli the minibus is making its first rounds in Berlin. While doing so, the bus is learning to navigate traffic as safely as a bus driver – while improving communication with the passengers as well.


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