11/29/2017 | News International

Efficient, safe and on-demand

Robot taxis, door-to-door services, autonomous mini-buses – the new world of mobility promises to be revolutionary. At the 5th Smart Mobility Forum, in association with eMO Premium Partner BVG, the possibilities of "Automation of public transport in cities” were discussed.

© Martin Sölle
09/20/2017 | News International

Connected e-bike at CycleHack 2017

In conjunction with Boreal Bikes, eMO held a workshop on the subject of the ‘Connected E-Bike’ at this year’s CycleHack. 50 participants discussed innovative ideas for the bicycle of tomorrow at the Fab Lab in Prenzlauer Berg.

© IG Potsdamer Straße e.V.
09/20/2017 | News International


How can a main road be transformed into a green street? The BOULEVARD POTSDAMER Initiative – turning roads GREEN! – is driving forward this concept and generating momentum that will lead to sustainable and ecological change on our congested roads.

09/13/2017 | News International

New electrobus for BVG

The Berlin Public Transport Company (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe - BVG) is currently testing another electric bus. A bus manufactured by the Dutch company VDL is being operated on line 204 between the Zoologischer Garten and Südkreuz stations. This bus joins the fleet of four Solaris e-buses.

© BPWT | Wüstenhagen

The EU Commission honours European towns and cities that improve the quality of life of their citizens. Berlin has impressed the judges with its use of shared governance which enables urban districts to experiment in different areas from social innovation to logistics.

08/29/2017 | News International

Development of charging stations below target

There are fewer charging stations in Berlin than were promised by the senate due to complicated approval processes and other factors. However, there is no need for drivers to be concerned. There are actually too many charging stations in proportion to the number of electric cars.

08/21/2017 | News International

New solar electric seminar ship in Berlin

The Orca ten Broke is a zero-emission floating meeting venue that will travel around the capital city’s waterways. In addition to the photovoltaic system on the height adjustable sundeck and the high-capacity batteries, the ship is equipped with a HVO diesel generator.

© Reiner Lemoine Institut gGmbH
08/08/2017 | News International

PIOnEER study in Brandenburg

eMO club member, the Reiner Lemoine Institute, is investigating charging needs in Brandenburg. According to the study, at least 300 additional standard and 132 rapid charging points are needed. A follow-up project will encompass usage concepts and the development of the charging infrastructure.

08/07/2017 | News International

Driverless minibuses at Berlin hospitals

How can driverless minibuses perform in city traffic? In spring 2018, a pilot project will attempt to answer this question. Four electric vehicles will operate on three routes at two large hospital sites. They will travel up to a maximum speed of 20 km/h and will accommodate 15 passengers.

© FTB Werbefotografie
07/25/2017 | News International

City to become a test track

The test will start on the Strasse des 17 Juni with the development of the local radio network using what are known as Road Side Units. The vision behind the urban test track is explained in an interview with project leader Sahin Albayrak from the TU Berlin.

© BPWT | Alice Lerch
07/21/2017 | News International

Route investigation by the DIGINET-PS team

The Strasse des 17 June is going to be turned into a test track for autonomous driving. The first sensors are soon going to be installed for this purpose in the Berlin Tiergarten district; the DIGINET-PS project team have been out and about investigating the route.


The technical services organisation DEKRA has taken over the Lausitz race track and is going to use it as an innovation centre to test the mobility of the future. It will serve as a central component of the international testing network for automated and networked driving.

07/13/2017 | News International

Car parks of the future for Berlin

The Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS) and eMO invited experts to a specialist workshop on the subject of car parks of the future. On 7 July, more than 40 experts discussed the type of things the car park of the future needs to be able to provide and how this can be...


The tariff model for charging electric vehicles in the state of Berlin is to be restructured on a trial basis from 15 July 2017. The former time-based tariff, which operated on a sliding scale, is being replaced with a simple connection charge (session fee) as part of a large-scale trial.

© Siemens
07/12/2017 | News International

Berlin-Brandenburg tests electrical logistics

With the support of the Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation, the companies Behala, Meyer & Meyer Logistik and Siemens have initiated their own demonstration projects in the metropolitan region of Berlin-Brandenburg in order to show how integrated electromobility could function in goods...


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