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05/15/2017 | News International

Pilot projects in Charlottenburg

The growing number of vehicles traveling the streets is increasingly becoming a problem, and not just when searching for a parking space. Seeking to create space, residents around Mierendorffplatz and Klausenerplatz in Charlottenburg have launched a bold experiment: doing without their own cars.

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05/15/2017 | News International

Berlin’s test field for automated driving

TU professor Sahin Albayrak, director of the DIGINET-PS project, sheds some light on the future of automated driving. A networked urban infrastructure test field is currently being developed and implemented along Straße des 17. Juni in collaboration with eMO and others.


Berlin is not a typical German auto city. But it nevertheless provides the ideal breeding ground for the startup scene that will define the future of mobility. The digital capital is already working hard to revolutionize the auto industry.

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05/02/2017 | News International

Fleet conversion at Berlin’s airports

In April, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH took possession of 30 fully electric BMW i3 vehicles. As a result, the fleet at the Tegel and Schönefeld airports will switch to sustainable electromobility over the next few months with the further addition of 30 BMW e-vehicles.

04/26/2017 | News International

Car sharing in Berlin’s administration

A car sharing model for government vehicles will be piloted by Berlin’s authorities for at least two years. The scheme is intended to improve fleet emission levels as well. E-bikes will be included in addition to a range of car types for various purposes.

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Following its trial phase in Munich, the Croove platform is now set to expand into Berlin. The service allows private vehicle owners to optimize vehicle utilization and to save money using their own cars. The automaker announced that the platform will remain open to vehicles by all makes.


Permanent Secretary Henner Bunde emphasized on Tuesday the importance of expanding the fleet of electric buses operating in Berlin’s public transport system. The joint annual procurement of 200 vehicles by Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe and Hamburger Hochbahn is intended as an incentive for manufacturers...

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04/25/2017 | News International

drive by starts as a new mobility provider

The startup drive by will grace the roads of Berlin as a new mobility provider in the car sharing market starting May 1. Its pricing model charges customers according to kms traveled, and is therefore aimed at easing the pressure of time. The company plans to introduce 120 cars by the end of 2017.

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Have you done research in the field of E-Mobility, its infrastructure or its grid integration? Have you done a pilot or implementation project in this field? Have you got an innovative business idea for Smart Grid or IT solutions considering electric mobility? Submit your paper by 28 May 2017 to our...

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04/19/2017 | News International

A cable car for Berlin

The boroughs of Hellersdorf and Marzahn will be connected by an electrically-powered cable car, which is scheduled to start services with the opening of the IGA Berlin 2017. The project is designed as a long-term, innovative attraction and green addition to the transportation infrastructure.

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04/05/2017 | News International

Investor for Vimcar's fleet management

An injection of fresh capital will now allow the Berlin startup to significantly expand its product portfolio. Besides its digital logbook for companies, Vimcar will also be able to offer services for the management of fuel cards, driving licenses and leasing contracts.

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03/28/2017 | News International

Formula E 2017 at Tempelhof Field

Formula E has released the new track layout for the ePrix 2017 that will be held in Berlin on June 10th and 11th. Like in the first season, the race will be held on the grounds of the former airport in Berlin-Tempelhof. Ticket sales started at the same time.

03/28/2017 | News International

City ranking for sustainable mobility

Greenpeace has put together a ranking of Germany’s 14 large cities to benchmark their efforts in the introduction of sustainable mobility. Berlin leads the field, thanks to its good local public transport network. Bike sharing and accessibility of commuter rail services have room for improvement.

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The Berlin-based Havelländische Eisenbahn (HVLE) is purchasing 10 electric hybrid locomotives, with technical assistance from the TU Berlin, which can be powered either by overhead electricity lines or with diesel fuel. The CO2 emission reduction is expected to amount to several thousands of tons...

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03/09/2017 | News International

First solar-powered passenger ship in Berlin

The SunCat, the first solar-powered passenger ship in Berlin, will make two trips per day from the Fischerinsel to the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and back, starting on April 27th, 2017. With the "Solar Circle Line” the Reederei Riedel hopes to make the environmentally friendly ship more visible...


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